Please Support Community-Run Centres

throughout Haringey

We call on the council to:

a) Support the borough’s community run Centre’s and support Centre’s calls for secure, long-term & affordable leases

b) To suspend the Cabinet’s decision to dramatically increase rents and shorten future leases of the many Centres in Council-owned buildings.  Instead of threatening our future the Council should be enthusiastically working in partnership with us.

c) To release the full ‘Community Buildings Review’ documents and data collected.

Community-run Community Centres provide an unparalelled range of diverse services and facilities throughout the borough, based mainly on self-funding and extensive volunteering, saving uncountable sums of money for the Council and the statutory services. We promote community cohesion, awareness and empowerment and all kinds of cultural, educational, social and economic opportunities.

Our Centre’s are vital and popular community facilities, involving hundreds of the borough’s community groups and tens of thousands of local residents who use their facilities.  To thrive, such Centres need secure, long term and affordable leases which enable, promote and guarantee community empowerment and self management.