Christmas Food Appeal

The Advice & Support Service ran a Christmas Food Appeal to assist people by giving them food & toiletries to support them over the Christmas period.  Organisations and individuals contributed to this Appeal and we were very fortunate as people were very generous.  One family, not even known to us at this stage, decided not to buy each other Christmas gifts but instead to put the money towards making up 20 beautifully decorated Christmas Hampers to distribute to our clients.  It was needless to say a very successful endeavour and one we hope to repeat again next year.



Haringey Women’s Refuge Appeal 

We also ran a Haringey Women’s Refuge Appeal with the objective of making Christmas a little more bearable for the parents and children who were staying at the refuge and isolated from friends and family. The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation donated a considerable amount of lovely new toys all wrapped and ready to distribute to this Appeal. These toys, along with our gifts for each parent at the Refuge, were distributed at Christmas by the Refuge manager.