St. Patrick’s Day 2019

St. Patrick’s Day Sunday March 17th 2019


Come join us in the St Patrick’s day parade in Central London on Sunday March 17th. The Parade departs at 12 noon from Park Lane. We march under the banner Haringey Irish Cultural & Community Centre and Emerald United Montserrat.  The parade winds its way to the main festival event which runs from 12pm – 6pm in Trafalgar Square.  The Centre will be closed on March 17th.


St. Patrick’s Day Greetings

Beannachtai na Feile Padraig


Photo Call To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day  Wednesday, 13th March


We would like to invite you to join us at Trafalgar Square for a photo call for the social media launch of St Patrick’s Day 2019.

As part of St. Patrick’s Day 2019, together with Tourism Ireland, we are creating a powerful image to celebrate London’s emerald heart and bring a moment of joy in a challenging time. This year we are entwining the #LondonIsOpen theme throughout the festival as St Patrick’s Day is a significant moment to capture the spirit of the London Irish, celebrating the strength of relationship, diversity and inclusivity between all London communities. Physically bringing Londoners together to form a human image, we are designing a moment of joy, fun, engagement and community to share worldwide.

This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a strong image that will transcend and be used for years to come.

On Wednesday 13th March, between 8am and 10am, we are inviting 300 people, dressed in green, to join us on Trafalgar Square to form a giant human image of a shamrock. Working alongside the Culture team and directed by renowned choreographer Jeanefer Jean-Charles, (London Olympics Opening Ceremony) we invite you alongside members of the Irish community, the board of the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, and more for a moment of joy and togetherness on a Wednesday morning.



We look forward to seeing you there!





Social Inclusion Film Club Dates 2019


JANUARY           15th  
FEBRUARY 5th &  19th
MARCH    5th &  19th
APRIL          2nd & 16th
MAY            7th &  21st
JUNE         4th &  18th
JULY 2nd & 16th
AUGUST   6th &  20th
SEPTEMBER 3rd & 17th
OCTOBER 1st & 15th
NOVEMBER   5th & 19th
DECEMBER   3rd & 17th


Christmas Food Appeal 2018

Christmas Food Appeal

The Advice & Support Service ran a Christmas Food Appeal to assist people by giving them food & toiletries to support them over the Christmas period.  Organisations and individuals contributed to this Appeal and we were very fortunate as people were very generous.  One family, not even known to us at this stage, decided not to buy each other Christmas gifts but instead to put the money towards making up 20 beautifully decorated Christmas Hampers to distribute to our clients.  It was needless to say a very successful endeavour and one we hope to repeat again next year.



Haringey Women’s Refuge Appeal 

We also ran a Haringey Women’s Refuge Appeal with the objective of making Christmas a little more bearable for the parents and children who were staying at the refuge and isolated from friends and family. The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation donated a considerable amount of lovely new toys all wrapped and ready to distribute to this Appeal. These toys, along with our gifts for each parent at the Refuge, were distributed at Christmas by the Refuge manager.