St. Patrick’s Day 2019

St. Patrick’s Day Sunday March 17th 2019


Come join us in the St Patrick’s day parade in Central London on Sunday March 17th. The Parade departs at 12 noon from Park Lane. We march under the banner Haringey Irish Cultural & Community Centre and Emerald United Montserrat.  The parade winds its way to the main festival event which runs from 12pm – 6pm in Trafalgar Square.  The Centre will be closed on March 17th.


St. Patrick’s Day Greetings

Beannachtai na Feile Padraig


Photo Call To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day  Wednesday, 13th March


We would like to invite you to join us at Trafalgar Square for a photo call for the social media launch of St Patrick’s Day 2019.

As part of St. Patrick’s Day 2019, together with Tourism Ireland, we are creating a powerful image to celebrate London’s emerald heart and bring a moment of joy in a challenging time. This year we are entwining the #LondonIsOpen theme throughout the festival as St Patrick’s Day is a significant moment to capture the spirit of the London Irish, celebrating the strength of relationship, diversity and inclusivity between all London communities. Physically bringing Londoners together to form a human image, we are designing a moment of joy, fun, engagement and community to share worldwide.

This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a strong image that will transcend and be used for years to come.

On Wednesday 13th March, between 8am and 10am, we are inviting 300 people, dressed in green, to join us on Trafalgar Square to form a giant human image of a shamrock. Working alongside the Culture team and directed by renowned choreographer Jeanefer Jean-Charles, (London Olympics Opening Ceremony) we invite you alongside members of the Irish community, the board of the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, and more for a moment of joy and togetherness on a Wednesday morning.



We look forward to seeing you there!





Social Inclusion Film Club Dates 2019


JANUARY           15th  
FEBRUARY 5th &  19th
MARCH    5th &  19th
APRIL          2nd & 16th
MAY            7th &  21st
JUNE         4th &  18th
JULY 2nd & 16th
AUGUST   6th &  20th
SEPTEMBER 3rd & 17th
OCTOBER 1st & 15th
NOVEMBER   5th & 19th
DECEMBER   3rd & 17th


Advice & Support Service News

We continue to distribute free food on a weekly basis and the number of people requiring this service has risen over the past months.  We have been extremely busy over the past few months with funding reports and funding applications.  More recently we have undergone an Audit which involved a significant amount of additional work as well as overseeing our many diverse projects.  We look forward to the coming celebrations this month & wish you all a very Happy St Patrick’s Day.

Social Inclusion Film Club

1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month at 1:30pm. The Film Club is open to anyone who feels isolated or needing an outlet where they can socialise in a warm and welcoming environment.  There is no cost to attend, no obligation to book in ahead you literally just turn up on your own or with some friends around 1:30pm on the day. Patricia and Christina, our fantastic volunteers, will be in attendance baking and serving lovely home baked scones and brown bread along with tea & coffee free of charge. We also hold a free raffle afterwards.   

Tuesday March 5th –  War of the Buttons The children of Ballydowse & Carrickdowse engage in battles in which they cut off the buttons, shoe-laces, belts and braces of their captured opponents. This gets their opponents in trouble with parents. They go to battle in mass groups of dozens, wielding sticks & slingshots. It’s a battle of strategic skills for the opposing leaders, including one scene in which the principal gang uses an ancient war trick to overcome their opponents with successful and itchy results.

Tuesday March 19th – Tara Road  Sometimes the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in someone else’s life!  An accidental phone call brings these two otherwise unrelated women together and in their mutual need for space & time alone, they agree on a two month house exchange. In swapping homes, both women slowly find healing and strength, through new surroundings and the kindness of others, gradually learning to accept the reality of their changed lives.


Social Inclusion Film Club Dates 2019


Advice & Support Service


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Strictly appointments only at all other times.

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