Haringey Irish Cultural & Community Centre


 Let us keep our Centre open and make a difference together through the power of people.

The overall aims and objectives of our Charity HICCC created in 1987 is to provide services for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our society.    Our main services reach older people by providing Day Care /Lunch Club, Free Advice and Support Service to those on benefits – of all ages, support to children from disadvantaged communities and those with disabilities, Food bank and various other aspects of community services whilst embracing diversity, culture and building cohesion across communities. We also share our building and collaborates with other Voluntary Care Sector Groups that have similar aims and objectives.    

There is an urgent need for us to keep our facilities open to the public, but the building despite being well maintained needs to meet the various statutory requirements and safety standards. We need to repair the kitchen and toilets to keep the standards up to date.

Last year with the development of White Hart Lane (WHL) and the uncertainty of when Tottenham Hot Spurs is like to return to WHL has further impacted on that uncertainty which is now posing a threat to our continued sustainability.  We have had a significant reduction in income from the hospitality services we would normally provide to Spurs away supporters which is one of the ways we raise funds to maintain our Charitable aims. Given the length of time they have been away, our reserves have depleted.    

In addition, in the past few years we have seen significant reduction in local authority spending in supporting community projects and community buildings. Rent is now imposed on Community Buildings. The Charity operates from a community building with a full repairing lease, and the ever-decreasing resources from the various funding streams now presents a potential threat to the overall sustainability of our building from which our services are provided.

We are therefore reaching out to the wider community to ask for your help and support in keeping The Irish Centre open so that it can continue its vital community work and remain an asset and a beacon in Haringey.  Please give generously. Your donation would be used on vital repairs and maintenance, refurbishment and replacement of essential equipment. We would also accept goods and services in line with our charitable aims and objectives. Please also use and promote our venue.

Your Donation can be paid by cheque or use our GoFundMe